Earth Hour gig, March 29 2014

Posted March 15, 2014
BTM playing in the dark at the Watermark pub

earth hour flyer

Catch a rare unplugged performance on EARTH DAY, March 29th at the Watermark Pub – lights go out and BTM plays in the dark, no mics, no amps! We play two 20-minute sets from 8:30pm – 9:30pm. Check out the official page.

Post-Show Update

Thanks to all who showed up! And thanks to Jessica the Mill Street Lights Out volunteer for keeping us organized. We were told this was one of our best shows! It was interesting to play completely unplugged but I think it worked out fine. I was worried about being loud enough and messing with volume levels, but we got into the mood and it felt good. It was dark so most pictures came out blurry, sorry. We had a request to play a cover of Weak In The Knees (Serena Ryder), and I’ve uploaded it (sorry mobile users, streaming Flash only. I’m not sure how the rights work on a cover so don’t want to risk it.). I haven’t played that song beforeā€¦ ever… but I think it went well. Just ignore the ending. I have no idea how it goes. Stay tuned!